GTEC categorises tertiary institutions into the following:

A University
An educational institution designed for advanced instruction and research in several branches of learning, conferring degrees in various faculties, and often embodying colleges, schools and similar institutions.

University College
An institution of higher learning that is affiliated to a university and that offers instructions based on programmes approved by the university to which it is affiliated and whose degrees/diplomas/certificates are awarded by the parent university.

An institution of higher or further education in which courses in a large range of subjects, especially, of a technical or vocational kind are available.

An establishment for further or higher education in the liberal arts (Pure Science/Humanities) or professional studies, sometimes, part of a university, e.g. Business College; College of Music; Naval College.

An educational institution devoted to a special branch of higher education, e.g. School of Education, School of Economics, School of Medicine, School of Law.

An establishment offering advanced courses in the professions, or the arts, or science and technology.

A place of study or training in a special field, e.g. Military Academy, Academy of Dance, Maritime Academy.

Tutorial College
An institution which prepares students to take the examinations of a university or a recognised professional body.